Electronic Component Distribution

Experienced Global Sales Team

Zdi is the preferred supply chain partner for technology companies.

Rep On PhoneAny organization is only as good as the people it employs. Zdi’s global staff is a seasoned team of professionals on working in offices in North America, Europe and Asia. Experienced “best in class” professional and knowledgeable veterans are who make up our component commodity buying group and sales force. All Zdi representatives that work in our strategic Account Management and commodity group are 10 year plus industry veterans.

Our Account Managers focus on customer specific supply chain needs and are can assist with:

  • Spot material shortages, obsolescence issues and legacy component sourcing challenges
  • Long term supply assurance programs
  • BOM management & MRP planning
  • End of life and life time buy challenges
  • Quality anomalies with existing and gray market “in house” inventory
  • Excess inventory management solutions

To better understand the details of what our team can provide to your organization please contact us.

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